Now see a great application for watching football directly on your cell phone and completely free with all leagues available.

We know that football is a global passion and the sport that has the largest number of spectators worldwide.

With the biggest audiences and salaries, players like Neymar, Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo and Mbappé draw crowds to stadiums around the world.


Even more so now with the globalization of sport in Saudi Arabia with many national team players.

How to download the App to Watch Football

There are several free football watching apps that you can download on your cell phone.

And, we will list here the 3 most downloaded on the internet so you can watch your team's games from the comfort of your home or wherever you are.


DirecTV Go:

The first Football Watching App that we want to show you is DirecTV GO.

As one of the leading sports apps, DirecTV Go has a complete schedule of not only football, but also basketball with the NBA, baseball with the MLB and American football with the NFL.

In addition DirecTV GO also offers UFC and other contact sports.

The monthly fee for DirecTv Go is R$44.90, including a discount of 50% for the first two months.

After this, the normal installment amount is R$89.90 per month.


As one of the most complete, the GloboPlay is a streaming service from the Globo television network, the main Brazilian broadcaster.

At GloboPlay you have many options besides sports, such as:

Soap operas, films, series and much more, not to mention live programming from the broadcaster's channel.

You also have the option of purchasing a package of extra channels and with them Premiere FC.

Premiere FC is today the main football channel in Brazil to follow your team.

You subscribe to Globo channels with all the soap operas, films and series + Premiere FC programming on the annual plan for R$718.80 divided into up to 12x of R$59.90.

Or choose more channels and make a super package like: Telecine, Disney+, Star+, Combate and also listen to music with Deezer.

Subscribe now and watch the best programming!

Live Football:

In addition to these traditional Streaming applications, there are also some options such as Live Football which, in addition to being cheaper, also works for watching football on your cell phone.

We are talking about IPTV for Cell Phones.

Those who already know know that with an IPTV, you contract a monthly plan for a much lower price than the traditional ones, generally around R$29.90 to R$34.90.

And you will watch all channels from Brazil and the world available on your cell phone, tablet, computer or TV.

However, the one we are talking about is just for watching football and there is no charge.

However, there are some advertisements within the application in the form of videos that the user is forced to watch to be able to play the games.

Now you know how to watch free football on your cell phone.

There are several apps for all languages, tastes and budgets, choose yours now and start watching.

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